Mes tribulations dans l'empire du milieu..

10th August 2012


Anonymous said: Hey, my name is Alex and i´m new to Beijing. I´ve seen your Kitesurf picture at Beidaihe and i´m wondering if you know if there is any school or whatever which organizes trips on the weekend. cheers Alex

Hey Alex. Actually there is a Kite surf school at Nandaihe, not far for Beidahe. I do think you can find them on Internet. But I don’t think they are organizing trip to go there. you still can do it by yourself: take the train to Beidaihe and from there take a cab to Nandaihe, quite easy! Only advice: avoid August, when all the Beijingers go there for family vacations, plus it is one spot for Officials to go enjoy some sea, sand and sun!